Day 366

2012 was a leap year

For this extra post I would like to take this time to look back at Year 1 of The Daily Visual

Over the past year The Daily Visual has grown 

365 posts, 539 images, 5613 overall views, 167 followers, 185 comments

The top 5 posts based on views were:

Day 269Day 8Day 5Day 29Day 143

Some of my personal favourites were:

Day 2 Day 21 Day 100 Day 114 Day 175 Day 188 Day 303 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please feel free to share your favourite posts or anything else in the comments section!


~ by artistmeganbray on February 3, 2013.

4 Responses to “Day 366”

  1. COOOL ! Megan.. I like your line dwgs of the female torso plus the girl with the flowing hair line dwg..the other day you sent the black and white photo
    of the cat..that one was really cool as well.. And of course I liked yuor TREE
    which I mentioned before. I admire your tenacity in keeping this going!
    Ahhhh ..HOW we “artists”suffer! ANyway jsut adding my two cents!
    Dieter (your fellow artist buddy)

  2. My advice was correct, I see.

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