Day 365

Day 365

Cheers to 365 days of the Daily Visual!

Mother Earth - Marker and Fineliner

Before Day 1 of The Daily Visual I wasn’t quite sure where this would lead and honestly, it was a bit nerve racking.  Would I be able to follow through? Would the pressure of one post per day be too much?  Would I have enough ideas?  Would anyone even be interested?   All of these questions rattled in my mind until I just jumped in.  I would never know until I tried.

As day 365 came closer and closer, a different set of questions entered my mind.  Is this the end now that a year is done or do I want to commit to this again?  This blog has become part of my daily life.  How could I just stop?  How could I just abandon the viewers?  Would I keep creating on a daily basis if I didn’t have the deadlines?  I wavered on the decision for the past while, unsure on whether it was a good idea to continue.

The blog has grown now to 167 followers and over 5500 views over the past year, which is even more than I had expected at the one year mark.  When my friends, family, and viewers began asking if I would continue after the first year, I just automatically replied with a yes, without hesitating.  I guess I knew deep down that I couldn’t stop now.

I cannot express what a wonderful experience this has been and just how glad I am that I took the plunge into the blogging world.  It has been quite the challenge to come up with enough work to post on a daily basis, but it has kept me motivated and productive.   The blog forces me to keep going, even if I am not feeling creative that day, if life gets too busy, or even if I want to just give up.  It has helped me learn, grow, create, and share my art with the world.

The support of viewers is so incredible and greatly appreciated.  This blog wouldn’t be anything without you.  I truly appreciate all of the likes, views, shares, and comments along the way, and I look forward to more in the future.

P.S. – Don’t think that I forgot that 2012 is a leap year.  Tomorrow (Day 366) will account for that before The Daily Visual’s Anniversary on Monday, February 4th.

Here’s to the past year of The Daily Visual and looking forward to Year 2!


~ by artistmeganbray on February 2, 2013.

4 Responses to “Day 365”

  1. Congratulations Megan! This was a big challenge and you rose to it – good on you!

  2. Congratulations, dude. I know it was a big challenge to maintain this, and I’m glad you’re going to keep it up.

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