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Hey Folks!

Since ending The Daily Visual project almost a year ago, I’ve been busy at work with other projects including a new series!

New Series "The Flock" by Megan Bray /2014

The Flock is now online and prints are available.  Check out the website to see more!

I’ve got to say a huge THANK YOU one more time to all who supported and cheered me on through The Daily Visual and especially to those who continue to follow, share, and support the new endeavours. You are amazing!

I have been using a combination of social media sites lately along with to show new work and updates:

Facebook – Artist Megan Bray

Instagram – megan.bray

Twitter – @ArtistMB

Etsy – Megan Bray Art Shop

Let’s keep in touch!


Megan Bray



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Hello All,

Over the past few years on The Daily Visual, I have had the pleasure of sharing my artwork with so many of you who who have supported me along the way.  My real goal at the beginning of this project was to commit and post one image a day for at least one year.

Although it was tough to keep up, that goal was passed in February of 2013 and since then (and many posts later) life has gotten busier and posting daily has recently become nearly impossible.  I am grateful that this blog and its followers were there to keep me motivated and keep me creating art over this time. This has been an amazing experience and now new ideas and goals are bubbling to the surface.

I have decided that The Daily Visual will now be change course into a new project (details to come soon). So much has changed recently and it is time that the blog changes along with my life and career.  Thank you all so much for your support and I hope you will stick around for the new project to come.

To end off, I thought I would share a few of my favourites from The Daily Visual.

See you soon!


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Day 645

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Owl - Pen

Day 644

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Day 643

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Day 642

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Treehouse - Pen

Day 641

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